Tru-Spin Foam Practice Golf Balls

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INTRODUCING the Rukket Sports Tru-Spin™ High Visibility Foam Practice Golf Balls. These specially formulated PU (polyurethane) foam balls are the perfect tool for indoor and outdoor golf practice. 

This product includes High-Density Polyurethane Foam Practice Golf Balls (12) and (1) Mesh Storage Bag.

  • TRU-SPIN™ FOR ACCENTUATED FEEL: Specially formulated 13.5 gram PU (polyurethane) foam golf practice balls with real dimples simulate spin and feel to provide realistic feedback on every shot.
  • LIMITED FLIGHT WITH REALISTIC PATH: The limited flight combined with Tru-Spin™ accurate flight path makes for great chipping, pitching, and even full shot golf practice. The limited flight technology dampens the distance but allows you to see the true flight path without requiring the space of a golf course or range.
  • STANDARD SIZE: Gain all the benefits of golf training with a real ball with limited flight! Our foam practice golf balls are regulation size so you’ll be getting the same look as you get on the course.
  • HIGH VISIBILITY FUN: Play at dusk! Pair with a chipping target or putting green and extend the fun into the evening. Balls have photo-luminescent coating that absorbs light and glows for 10-15 minutes between charges.
  • RUKKET FAIR PLAY GUARANTEE & LIFETIME WARRANTY: At Rukket Sports we know you came to win. We also understand in order to win you need to train hard, so that’s why we’re proud to offer the Rukket Fair Play Guarantee & Lifetime Warranty for no-risk purchasing plus outstanding USA-based customer service!

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