Manta Sports Extreme .5 Pickleball Paddle

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The NEW and IMPROVED Extreme Point .5 will give you all the control you'll need at the net and great power when using your overhead smash or punch volley. It's considered a "quiet" sounding paddle and are on most approval lists for parks with noise restrictions. Powered by POLY-CHLOR edge-guard technology, our paddles' bumper is build to last while offering a mid to heavy weight feel for a more balanced paddle and bigger sweet-spot.


SKIN - Fiberglass
CORE - 1/2" Polymer Honeycomb
AVG. WEIGHT - 7.5oz - 7.8oz
WIDTH - 8"
LENGTH - 15 3/4"
GRIP SIZE - 4 1/4" (Standard)

PADDLE SHAPE - Traditional / Rounded 

SUGGESTED PLAYER TYPE: Intermediate to Advanced

Great for both indoor and outdoor play

The Extreme Point .5 is USA Pickleball Approved

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